Teacher Training

The Yoga Scotland Foundation Course is offered to students who wish to develop their knowledge of yoga further; it is also a prerequisite for those wanting to train as teachers prior to taking the teaching diploma course.

The highly respected and challenging Yoga Scotland Teacher Training is a part-time course, consisting of 500 hours running over two years. The current Edinburgh Teacher Training course started in September 2020 and the next courses to start will be Glasgow and Stonehaven both beginning in September 2021. Student teachers will explore a practical and theoretical syllabus that covers anatomy and physiology (including common medical conditions), the practice and teaching of asanas, pranayama, the history and philosophy of yoga, and class management.

Graduates are awarded the Yoga Scotland Teaching Diploma. 

“The theoretical and intellectual challenge has been terrific. Not easy but very rewarding. Homework has been tough time-wise but if planned well it engenders self-discipline.”

“I think the course is brilliant but can be difficult and challenging at times – but in a good way. The Hatha involves more work than expected, the Anatomy & Physiology is a little easier than expected and the philosophy is as difficult as I expected, but I think the levels of difficulty are appropriate.”

“Asana home practice has been a challenge time-wise when working full time BUT priorities change and have to.”

“Both tutors are excellent and clearly have a wealth of experience to share. It is my hope they carry on inspiring others for a long time. They complement each other and are brilliant teachers with different styles. Both are very approachable.”

“Assessments are challenging but have been well thought-out and targeted appropriately.”

“The course has more than met my expectations and has been both challenging and informative.”

“I love the tutor’s style of teaching. I think she is gentle yet takes control and is very informative.”

Course Information


  • You should have been practising for a minimum of two years.
  • You should have taken our Foundation Course. Experienced applicants who have not taken the Foundation Course will be seriously considered. However, because of the challenging nature of this training, if you have practised for less than three years, your application for a place on this course is very unlikely to be successful.


500 hours running over two years. This includes 13 weekends and two residential weekends.


The cost of the Teacher Training Course is £3,355 for the 2-year course. This includes:

  • The cost of the 13 weekends and the 2 residential weekends.
  • Insurance to teach from Year 1.
  • Membership of Yoga Scotland.

Student teachers are asked to undertake Emergency First Aid Training in Year 1.  This is available though Yoga Scotland’s On-going Training Programme at a cost of £55.

Students who are offered a place on the course will be required to pay a non-returnable deposit on acceptance of their place as well as an annual course fee. All monies paid are non-refundable. Each year’s fee must be paid before the year commences. The student will be responsible for their own travel and buying any books (although each course has an extensive library of books from which to borrow).

Bursaries are available under certain criteria, including low waged or in receipt of certain benefits. Students can request a bursary application form on being accepted on the course, please contact us for more details.

How To Apply

Download our forms and prospectus at the bottom of the page.

If you would like more information on any of our courses please contact the Training Administrator.

Glasgow Teacher Training 2019-21


In The Moment Centre for Movement, Yoga and Wellbeing, Glasgow.

Course Dates:

21-22 Sep 2019
26-27 Oct 2019
22-24 Nov 2019 (residential)
11-12 Jan 2020
22-23 Feb 2020
18-19 April 2020
13-14 June 2020
5-6 Sept 2020
10-11 Oct 2020
20-22 Nov 2020 (residential)
16-17 Jan 2021
20-21 Feb 2021
27-28 March 2021
8-9 May 2021
26-27 June 2021

Edinburgh Teacher Training 2020-22


G25, St. Margaret’s House, Edinburgh

Course Dates:

Stonehaven Teacher Training 2021-23


The Haven in Stonehaven

Course Dates:

3-4 Dec 2022

Glasgow Teacher Training 2021-23


In The Moment Centre for Movement, Yoga and Wellbeing, Glasgow.

Course Dates:

Course Tutors

Cathy Swan - Glasgow Teacher Training

Cathy Swan (lead tutor), Elizabeth Roberts (philosophy tutor), plus visiting tutors.

Cathy initially qualified as a yoga teacher in 1985 and has continued to learn and study with many styles and schools of yoga and her teaching reflects her varied yoga background.  

She teaches regular weekly classes, monthly workshops and has several 1:1 yoga therapy clients.  She is particularly inspired by the therapeutic benefits of yoga and in keeping updated with the latest research in support of yoga and health.   Her strong commitment to a life-long personal practice has been the most important aspect of her learning and growth to date with a particular focus on the subtle aspects of yoga.

Cathy  has been a tutor on the Yoga Scotland Teacher Training Course since the 1990s and is passionate about training student teachers in all aspects of yoga, providing a strong and supportive environment for the learning and self-growth that occur during the Teacher Training Course.  

Judy Cameron - Edinburgh Teacher Training

Judy Cameron (lead tutor), Elizabeth Roberts (philosophy tutor), plus visiting tutors.

Judy has practised yoga for many years and has been teaching since 1995. She trained initially in South India at the Sivananda Vedanta Ashram in Kerala. She subsequently went on to train for a further 2 years with Janet Balaskas, Lolly Stirk and Yvonne Moore at the Active Birth Centre in London. It was at this time that she came to understand how a more intuitive approach to Yoga, based on the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli, could allow something more beautiful to evolve in her practice.

Judy spent 6 years living in Bhutan and while there met her spiritual teacher. Meditation became an important part of her life from this point – not as a way of fixing her life but more as an attitude to life in general.

Judy gained her Diploma in Teaching Yoga with the British Wheel of Yoga in the late 1990’s and also holds teaching certificates in Baby Yoga, and Yoga for the Special Child. She is a qualified midwife and has a strong interest in the use of hypnosis in childbirth and teach HypnoBirthing and Hypnosis for Childbirth.

Judy teaches a mixture of classes in Perth, Crieff and the Scottish Highlands. Her classes include Mixed Ability, Chair Based, Pregnancy, Postnatal Mother and Baby, and Special Yoga for Children. As Co-Director of the YogaBirth Teacher Training and Tutor for both the BWY Pregnancy Module and the Postnatal Module, she has a deep interest in passing on her knowledge to other teachers.

Judy continues to live and explore her yoga by working with the ground, the breath and the spine. Her current teachers, from whom she draws great inspiration, include Diane Long, Sandra Sabatini, Gary Carter and Christine Borg.

As well as teaching regular yoga classes, running various workshops, weekend Wellbeing Retreats and the occasional yoga journey to India, she supports fundraising and raising awareness for various charities and in particular SAMH the Scottish Association for Mental Health. Lindsey is a Signatory of the Mental Health Charter for physical activity and sport. She co-produces a free international podcast series – Voices of Yoga (voicesofyoga.com) – sharing inspiring stories from yogis around the world which is listened to in over 70 countries. She writes wellbeing based articles and publications include the Huffington Post, OM Yoga magazine, YOGA magazine and our own Yoga Scotland magazine. Lindsey’s first book, ‘Whirlpools, yoga and the balance of life’ was published in December 2018 by Book Reality Experience.

Lindsey has previous experience of working for 20 years in the Financial Services sector, in project management for banks around the world. She is the Vice Chair of the Board of Directors for CVS Falkirk & District – her local third sector interface organisation.

Yvonne Austen - Stonehaven Teacher Training

Yvonne Austen (lead tutor), Dr Graham Burns (philosophy tutor), plus visiting tutors.

Yvonne is a Yoga teacher/therapist. 

She has been practising yoga formally since she was 9 years old, before that it was an informal and natural practice that seemed to be an innate enquiry into what it means to Be.  The journey has been the one constant throughout her life – a sutra leading her towards a sense of Self.  More formal study has been varied and Yvonne has learnt much from many people. The most enduring teaching has been from Dr Shrikrishna Bhushan Tengshe, who truly teaches from his presence and to whom she will always and forever remain grateful for such depth of knowledge and inspiration.  

Yvonne’s 50 year daily practice, however, has been the main resource for opening a universe and universal wonder of discovery that continues to inspire and enlighten, and to which she feels truly thankful. Her own teaching will always stress the invaluable lessons to be learnt from checking in on a daily basis with Self.

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Glasgow Teacher Training 2021-23 

Stonehaven Teacher Training 2021-23

  • Stonehaven Teacher Training Course Prospectus

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