Website changes

21 February, 2021

Over the past several months, Yoga Scotland has been working hard as we have been integrating a new website and a new membership system.

These changes bring Yoga Scotland a lot more benefits in serving you, the members who make the organisation.

What’s happening?

Whilst the website is new and a vast improvement on our old one, it is not yet fully finished. There are still elements we are working to finish.

What is not working yet?

At the moment most functional elements of our website are not working. 


  • You cannot access your membership information
  • You cannot presently book events
  • Course applications are not presently available
  • The Class Finder is not presently working

When will everything be working?

We are working hard to get everything working as fast as we can. 

We are in the final stages of completing our membership management system. Once this is ready, we’ll be in touch so you can access your account again and make any changes needed.

Until this is complete, the class finder will not be available. 

In the short term, we are working on a temporary solution to allow event bookings and course applications.

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