Yoga, Sound & Mantra

During this weekend we shall immerse ourselves in the wonderful practice of yoga with sound. Using sound and mantras with yoga asana, pranayama and meditation is very ancient. It adds yet another dimension to our practice, and to that which yoga fosters: the relationship with ourselves, with the world, and with the sacred. We shall look at how to use simple sounds as well as mantras both for ourselves and our students – with lots of actual practice of sound and mantra with asana, pranayama and meditation.

Sarah Ryan has loved, studied and taught yoga and Vedic chanting for many years. She discovered the Viniyoga tradition, widely popularised by TKV Desikachar, in 1987 and felt immediately that this was the right path for her. She learnt for a long time with Paul Harvey and, since 2005, with Desikachar and his son Kausthub, who is her mentor. She did a 4-year yoga therapy course with them, and continues to study, teach and practise. She loves to share yoga and chanting, knowing how much it has helped her and others. She lives in the south of England. 

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Sat 8 & Sun 9 May 10:3-13:00, 14:30-17:00
For Teachers
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