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Yoga Scotland are closely following the evolving situation and will provide updates to our members when we are able. Please be aware that as an organisation run by volunteers we are not always able to instantly respond or provide updates to our members. It may be the case that your query requires additional guidance or clarification from Sport Scotland, we thank you for your patience.

9th August 2021 Update

Yoga Beyond Level 0

As of the 9th August, a return to normal facility occupancy levels is allowed however a focus on good ventilation and giving people space is paramount.

No physical distancing is required however we are still recommending 1 metre between mats, as we are mindful that over the last 18 months people have got used to having ‘space’ through physically distancing; whilst considering the uncertainty and anxiety many will feel as classes resume with larger capacities we must be mindful that Covid-19 hasn’t ‘gone away’ and therefore we would recommend keeping space between participants in classes.

Face coverings must still be worn when moving around venues alongside maintaining hygiene and surface cleaning measures.

Guidelines – Venue Expectations – Yoga Scotland  – 2020/21

As classes are returning to venues, Yoga Scotland expects the safety measures below to be in place at any venue teachers use.

A risk assessment must be completed by the Teacher and a paper copy should be signed and kept to ensure evidence of the check being completed.

These guidelines have been adapted from government guidelines and standards being established by public venues/studios/indoor spaces operated in Scotland during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Yoga Scotland is committed to ensuring that it’s Teachers and their class participants, are safe and have a clear understanding of these guidelines.

The following guidelines are in accordance with government guidelines following the announcement that that indoor sport facilities and gyms can reopen from 31 August 2020 onwards


Hygiene measures at venue:

  • Hand sanitation on entering the building and/or studio room
  • Soap, paper towels, hand drier available in the WC areas
  • No tea/coffee, shared food area – participants bring their own refreshments / water bottles
  • Removal of all non-essential equipment
  • Studio door handles, toilets, floors should be cleaned prior to the start of the session. Appropriate cleaning regularly throughout the day. Touch spots like door handles, flush handles to be disinfected between each use, disinfectant to be provided.
  • Protocol for contact & trace measures if anyone develops symptoms post session
  • Protocol for a participant who develops Covid-19 symptoms while in situ
  • No congregating in doorways. Adhering to the 2 metre distance guidelines at all times, as best as possible. Ideally, venues will have one-way systems in place to follow.
  • Mats not to be in circles or face to face – guidance on distancing indoors is still 2 metres in Scotland, this may be reduced to 1 metre if masks are worn.
  • Foot sanitising if possible

Personal safety:

  • Participants bring their own sanitised mat and equipment including a mask where possible
  • Participants to bring your own hand sanitiser
  • Wash hands regularly during the day and avoid touching your face.

Teacher’s responsibility:

  • Identifying high risk people and ensuring they do not attend class
  • Risk assessment check list completed before class starts
  • Ensure guidelines and safety measures are adhered to and participants feel safe
  • Adequate ventilation measures are in place. Opening windows and doors if possible
  • Practices such as nadi shodhana (or practices which require touching the face), or kapalabhati/bhastrika and simhasana (using a forceful exhale) as well as chanting, paired asana or physical adjustments may be practised with caution
Covid Levels July 21

Update 5th July 2021

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