Chronic Pain Relief

Yoga for Chronic Pain

Tutor: Fiona Slupinski

Date: Saturday 12th October 2024

Time: 10am – 4pm

Location: Strathbrock, Uphall

Suitability: All levels

YS Accredited Teacher Member Price: £60

YS Love Yoga Member Price: £67.50

Non-Member Price: £75

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We know that any imbalance physically, mentally and emotionally can leave us feeling drained and exhausted for extended periods of time, having an impact on our quality of life. Examples of chronic pain are anything from back pain, frozen shoulder, post-operative pain, scar tissue, postural patterns, long covid conditions, fibromyalgia, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and many more conditions.

Learn how specific yoga practices of asana, pranayama and meditation can ultimately get us pain- free once again and back into balance. Join me in learning how to awaken the healing potential of our immune system, through movement, breath and awareness. Discover the link that unlocks our true potential for pain-free health and vitality.

Self-discovery of the principles of our unique fascia fabric and its relationship to pain. What the latest science teaches us about how to target specific areas to literally change the local chemistry, create more flow, better movement, recovery from chronic painful areas and restore health and vitality.

Sensitivity of our connective tissue matrix and the nervous system and how that relates to pain How fascia relates to the natural laws of the universe and how we can nourish the very fabric of our being on all levels.

Fascia is a liquid crystal matrix, dynamically changing in our own unique way. We’ll explore exactly what that means and how to harness this healing potential of our unique biochemical make-up that we can experience on all levels!

Discovering the link between the perfect order of nature and the wisdom within as the key to untethering areas that become stuck to bring back our whole health and vitality

Tutor Bio - Fiona Slupinski Webster

FIONA SLUPINSKI WEBSTER – PgCert Applied Anatomy (MSK) MSST Dip ST Sports Therapist and Yoga Teacher

With over 25 years in manual and movement therapy as a Sports Therapist, MSST and a yoga teacher for 10 years, I’m very passionate about sharing the relevance of fascia in connection with manual and movement therapy and a life-time passion of learning about our healing potential, gaining a post-graduate certificate in Applied Anatomy at University of Aberdeen in 2020. I’ve been studying fascia for the last 10 years and recently completed a review paper on fascia in relation to back pain.

I love to apply these principles with everyone, tailoring specific treatments in the yoga studio and in my clinic that include chronic and sometimes quite complex, debilitating conditions. As an anatomy and physiology tutor I’ve been able to share wonderful ideas over the years with people to learn more about their own bodies, with its remarkable healing potential.

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Event Location

Uphall Community Centre, West Lothian

Uphall Community Centre, Strathbrock Place Uphall, Broxburn EH52 6BN

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