A Fresh Look at Living Yoga

Are you looking to deepen your personal practice? Earn some CPD points and make some time for you? Take a fresh look at our Living Yoga course!

Living Yoga is a 60 hour course, focusing on awareness of prana energy, and using pranayama to elevate the prana – shakti or life energies. This focus runs through the whole course and as we move through the practices, it will begin to FEEL different.

Initially designed for students who had completed Foundation training but weren’t sure they were ready for teaching, Living Yoga is about focusing on YOU.

The course has evolved over the years into a vibrant and personal continuous development programme  to help you to deepen your insight and inner wisdom. This course is perfect for teachers or practitioners looking to reconnect, refresh, or consolidate their knowledge.

What will I learn?

Starting in September 2024, Living Yoga is a 60-hour course spread over ten days, one per month, and focuses on in-depth practice, workshops, personal inquiry, and vibrant discussion.

The course will guide you in refining all aspects of your yoga practice, including:
• Asana: Enhanced understanding of anatomical and myofascial structures
• Pranic anatomy: expanding awareness of our energies and knowledge of self
• Pranayama: Strengthened breathing practice

By design, the course structure is more flexible than a teacher training, as we will have time to focus more on certain areas that the small group needs, based on who is attending and tailored to their own self exploration. Working to an overrarching learning framework, each module is adjusted to meet the unique needs of the students. These needs are assessed during the application stages and monthly workshops, with learning plans tailored accordingly.

Marjory Watt, our Living Yoga teacher has been practicing yoga since her teens and has been teaching the course since 2012. She shares:

“Teaching and facilitating this course has been a truly wonderful experience. It has allowed me the sheer joy of witnessing students flourish. They complete the course with expanded self-awareness and knowledge, leading them to unfold the next stage of their yoga life and living in their own special and unique way.”

Who Is the Course Suitable For?

The only prerequisite is to have studied our foundation course OR a ytt elsewhere so that you have the base knowledge of the concepts we will explore and practice within living yoga.  

Living Yoga is perfect for those who have already undertaken some formal study in yoga.  It appeals to many different groups, as it is not associated specifically with learning to teach, rather more about making yoga more of a lifestyle.  

You could be:  

  • Someone who has completed a 200hr ytt elsewhere, or the foundation and ytt course with Yoga Scotland and feel that you want to take the next step to deepen your own practice and root yoga further into your lifestyle 
  • A teacher who has taken a break from yoga and wants to undertake some formal study to immerse yourself back into the yoga world 
  • Someone who has studied to be a teacher but doesn’t yet feel confident enough to teach and wish to undertake additional study 
  • An active teacher who is teaching classes and is looking for additional study for your own personal practice, that carries accredited cpd points. 
  • Someone who is feeling imposter syndrome or wants to feel a deeper connection within themselves to their prana and create a deeper understanding within yourself 

Curriculum Overview

The course-specific practices vary to meet the needs of individuals within the group and the group collectively. The curriculum broadens and deepens knowledge and experience in the following areas:
• A range of preparatory techniques including warm-ups
• A wide and balanced range of ‘asana’ to incorporate: balancing, seated, lateral flexion, forward and backwards bends, inverted and twisting postures
• Static and flow-based approaches to Asana
• Basic breathing and pranayama techniques
• Kriya
• Mudra and bandha
• Relaxation
• Concentration/Meditation
• Mantra
• Pranic anatomy; Vayu, Kosa, Nadi and Chakra
• Planning a personal practice
• Anatomy, physiology and kinesiology – integrating this study with the practice
• Yoga philosophy (key texts including The Upanishads, The Bhagavad Gita, The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and The Hatha Yoga Pradipika).

How can I apply for Living Yoga?

Visit our website here to find out more and complete our online application form. Applications are open until the end of June, and the course will start in Polmont on September 14th. We look forward to hearing from you!

What our Living Yoga Students Say

“The course provided the perfect way to continue my personal yoga journey without the focus on teaching. The small group format allows Marjory to be responsive to the needs of the individual and I have learned lots from the other yogis on the course too. I would highly recommend it!”

“The Living Yoga course gave me the space and the time to work out what yoga meant to me and how it influenced the way I live day to day. It helped me to re-establish my personal practice…”

“The Living Yoga course helped me work through many obstacles, allowing me to get in touch with me. I believe it to be an essential part of the Yoga journey.”

“This course has helped me to deepen and expand my interest, my knowledge and my love of yoga. Meeting with the same, small group of fellow yogis monthly, to learn from and work with a great tutor I feel I really am “living yoga” both on and off the mat.”





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