Mental Health & Yoga Therapy

Date: Judy Hirsh Sampath

Date: Saturday 10th May & Sunday 11 May 2025

Time: 10am – 4pm

Location: Glasgow

Suitability: All levels

YS Accredited Teacher Member: £152

YS Love Yoga Member: £171

Non-Member Price: £190

Single Day Rate: Non-members £110

Event Details

Whole weekend description  – Each day stands alone and can be attended seperately

Yoga Therapy for Common Conditions: Anxiety & Depression, Upper & Lower back pain 

This therapeutic CPD weekend training covers the most common conditions we are faced with as yoga practitioners, new and seasoned yoga teachers and therapists – Day 1 – anxiety & depression, Day 2 – upper and lower back pain 

When these common physical and mental health conditions get in the way of living life fully, it’s a somatic call that something needs to change.  

How do we listen to the call and make lasting changes in our lives? 

To learn more about how to guide health seekers towards recovery, reconnection and transformation, join yoga therapist and trainer, Judy Hirsh Sampath in a day of enquiry and sharing.  

You will come away with resources that you can integrate immediately, and share in meeting your students, clients and your Self. 

Yoga therapy takes into consideration the whole person as a unique being, with their own life histories and experiences. This work aims to provide many resources for practitioners, teachers and therapists in meeting individual needs. 

DAY 1 – Anxiety & Depression 

We will meet anxiety and depression through the lens of yoga and ayurveda. We will enquire and explore practical ways to engage the body to interrupt repetitive negative thinking that can manifest in physical dis-ease. We will adapt asana, apply appropriate breathing practices, use focussing techniques and trauma-sensitive language to shift a fixed mindset and mood. 

We will work with somatic expression, opposites, forgotten resources as well as new ones, take time to unwind and notice resistance – to read the body signals and move into states of acknowledging, accepting and allowing felt sensations to move through the body. 

DAY 2 – Pain in the Back and Yoga Therapy 

Working from the head down, we will look at pain in the neck, shoulders, upper back and lower back. Physical pain and tension are an indicator of how the intelligence of the body can hold and suppress mental and emotional disturbance. You will be invited to enquire into sympathetic holding and chronic pain – loosen our corsets, take off heavy armour, and use psycho education as a key to find ways past pain and suffering.  

“There’s nothing like a little physical pain to keep your mind off your emotional problems.” John E. Sarno 

About Judy

Judy Hirsh Sampath 

During a period of depression, Judy came to an insight through yoga “if I focused on what is right with me instead of trying to fix what is wrong with me, how would I be different?” Founder of Yogaunited, yoga therapist (C-IAYT), yoga teacher (BWY) and mentor, Judy creates soulful spaces where health seeker can practically reclaim their health, wellbeing, confidence and celebrate life. 

Event Location

Arlington Baths 61 Arlington Street, Glasgow G3 6DT

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